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Qualified standards for employees
  • diligence

  • discipline

  • learning

  • integrity

  • innovation

  • frugality

  • collaboration

  • communication

Qualified standards for employees: diligence, discipline, learning, integrity, innovation, frugality, collaboration, and communication.

Motus provides a good working environment, opportunities for talent development, competitive salary, and benefits to aspiring young people from all over the country. It advocates and encourages employees to improve their social status and get higher income compensation with diligent and practical work.

By establishing a suitable employment mechanism, creating a variety of favorable environments, and expanding internal training space, Mutter continues to attract and train talents to promote the development of our company's business and realize employees' self-worth.

Compensation and Benefits

Motus implements a "positive incentive" compensation system with performance appraisal as the core content and positions, ranks, and performance as the basis for distribution, ensuring that the salary level is competitive in the industry while reflecting the fairness of internal distribution, fully reflecting the recognition of employees' qualifications and values, the differences in their skill levels and contributions to our company, and the recognition and incentive of their hard work and contributions. It also reflects the recognition and incentive of employees' hard work and contribution. The guarantee of fixed salary, the incentive of variable salary, the extra reward for outstanding performance, the year-end bonus based on performance, and the opportunity of salary adjustment once or twice a year provide employees with high rigid welfare standards. In addition to this, the comprehensive protection of five social insurance and one housing fund, accidental commercial insurance, regular health check-ups, and other comprehensive protection and giving employees competitive market rewards. Annual leave and various paid holidays ensure that employees can fully rest after work. The perfect training system and sufficient training opportunities provide a guarantee for employees' promotion.

Platform and Development

Our company has a group of excellent technicians and managers who master modern high-tech theory and technology, among which 50% are master, 10% are Ph. D. and 10% have the title of professor, with complete theoretical foundation and engineering practice experience in automatic control technology, simulation technology, computer communication technology, mechanical design technology, etc.



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